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The Ultimate Packing List

Aktualisiert: 5. Feb 2019

for trekking in spring, summer and autumn

two heavy backpacks for long distance hiking
Our backpacks on our first long trip - after sending home 4 kg.

Ultimate packing list - that's, of course, a small exaggeration. :) But honestly, after years of revising it after each trek, it feels a bit like this is true. Even though our backpacks still look way too big and we carry way too much food and water, we optimized a lot since our first trip in 2009 (when we sent home 4kg after 4 days!). Of course, this packing list just mirrors our experiences and you might have different ones. If that's the case, please leave a comment below!

For us, this list suits most treks from spring to autumn. If you want to go higher or later in the year, of course, you will need to add other stuff (crampons, down jacket, ice axe etc.).

By the way – I also use this list when going on “normal” holidays. As it always comes in handy, we prepared a download option for you here.

A lot of luggage on our first trip in 2009.

Did we forget anything essential? Do you think we take something you really don’t need? Please share it in the comments. Thanks a lot!

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